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There is nothing you can do to your body that is as powerful as fasting.

Fasting is the intentional suspension of any pleasurable and/or vital activity for a period of time. It seems impossible that abstaining could be a good thing but it actually gives your immune system a boost in a multitude of ways…

Scientists have indicated that fasting causes the old damaged white blood cells that are lingering around to break down, resulting in replacing old damaged cells with new vital healthy ones.

It sounds painful but in actuality you don’t have to wake up and just not eat for days. Leading scientists from around the world are talking about intermittent fasting. Rather than completely abstaining from consuming calories you choose two days each week where you consciously cut your consumption to ¼ of what you normally eat. It has been proven to improvement blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and insulin sensitivity as well as a great way to lose weight. So long as you don’t binge to make up for the lost calories in between!

When you consciously decide to fast you are strengthening your resistance to temptation. I have learned to start small, find success, and then try something bigger. When you fall off the wagon you just get back on without guilt.

Would you try a fast?

What would you change?

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