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Why Hatha Yoga?

Why Hatha Yoga

Yeah, you get a vigorous workout when choosing a Vinyasa or hot yoga class and giving your body a more vigorous workout provides your body with needed cardio so, why bother take a Hatha class?

My Top 5

1. Improves Your Strength and Endurance - Hatha yoga improves muscular strength. In a study of individuals of different ages, practicing yoga for an hour daily for 12 weeks increased flexibility and muscular strength. *It even helped slow down age-related deterioration. Regularly practicing Hatha yoga has been found to increase cardiorespiratory endurance by decreasing resting heart rate while increasing your bodies maximum oxygen consumption, which helps determine how long and how hard you can work. A lower resting heart rate means your heart isn’t working as quickly to pump blood throughout your body, which decreases your risk of heart-related diseases.

2.Helps Manage Your Mood - One study found that women who participated in 8 weeks of Hatha yoga enjoyed a decrease in depression symptoms. The participants didn’t just feel good after yoga, but rather reported that they’d gained a natural strategy for coping with their depression.

3. Reduces stress and Fatigue - One 90-minute session significantly reduces and lowers your heart rate which lessens overall stress. Hatha Yoga has been proven to reduce inflammation and fatigue.

4. Changes Your Brain - Scientists are now able to show that Hatha yoga practitioners actually have greater gray matter in the brain. Practicing Hatha yoga techniques, tend to induce a state of mindfulness leading to this beneficial brain change. It is a proven pill-free technique to lowering cortisol levels.

5. Builds Better Balance - Hatha improves emotional and physical balance.

A 2015 study looking at Hatha yoga’s impact on spinal flexibility in older women found that practicing for an hour a week is an effective way to improve flexibility. That’s important, as flexibility can help us reduce risk of injury at any age.

My Final Thoughts on Hatha Yoga

Although Hatha Yoga is not sufficient for your cardiovascular workout it has great health benefits. Just as important as cardio are your flexibility, emotional health, a strong core and balance!

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