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Lavandula latifolia

Addresses the pain of all “hurts and bruises” of life – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Highly anti-inflammatory. Used for muscle pain, joint pain, hair loss, insomnia, cramps, colds, flu, blood pressure. Calming to the CNS. Excellent layered with Birch or Cornmint and Red Pine for muscle/joint pain. She helps us take the “road less traveled” with confidence. Calming, reassuring, earthy, and sweet.

Lavender - Spike

  • Because of its relaxing and stimulating effects, Spike Lavender Essential Oil also helps in regulating sleep, calmness, mental alertness and stress-related conditions, including depression. Spike Lavender Oil has powerful antiseptic properties that help soothe and heal cuts, burns and damaged or scarred skin.

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