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Guaiacum o. lignum sanctum


Ancient transition essence. Addresses deep grief in the heart. Relieves gout, impotence, arthritis, deep muscle pain, grief, and inflammation. Tightens aged skin. Aids with acne. Aphrodisiac. Softens rigidity and frigidity. Mysterious meditation essence. Salve-like consistency. Must remove orifice reducer to use. Gently heat with the cap off to liquify. She melts when penetrating the skin. From the very heartwoood of this sweet tree.


  • Alleviates Rheumatism: Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe muscles and joints to reduce aches caused by rheumatism. Reduces Fluid Retention: Patients suffering from gout often retain excess fluids in the body; guaiac wood works as a diuretic to help excrete them.

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