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Abies grandis Canada

Benefits: Relieves colds, flu, fever, infections, arthritis/joint pain, sore throat, gum issues, asthma, anxiety, confusion. Insect repellent. Promotes skin/wound healing. Laxative, stomach aid. Boosts immune system, mental clarity, calm. Encourages strength and courage to be your greatest You.

A sweet, lofty aroma that lifts the spirits and speaks of new beginnings. Her gentle strength awakens our own; her softness validates our own.  She opens us to receive with gratitude ALL that the Universe has for us…good and bad, easy, and difficult, obvious, and subtle…on the path that is uniquely our own.

Fir - Grand

  • Soothes the skin and smooths imperfections when combined with Lavender essential oil and applied topically. Increases spirituality when used during meditation. Offers an aroma that creates a relaxing and stress-free environment.

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