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Eucalyptus radiata


Anti-viral/bacterial/inflammatory. Expectorant. Aids endometriosis, chronic respiratory conditions, infections. Used for sore throat, arthritis, muscle aches/injuries/sprains, malaria, congestion, and allergies. Cooling. Energizing. Opens sinuses and revives. Refreshing. Mental clarity. Gentle enough for children.

Eucalyptus - True

    • 1: Relieves stuffy nose.
    • 2: Clears respiratory complaints.
    • 3: Eases sore muscle and joint pain.
    • 4: Post-surgery pain reliever.
    • 5: Promotes oral health.
    • 6: Promotes scalp health and clear lice.
    • 7: Boosts immunity.
    • 8: Disinfects wounds and cuts.
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