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Citrus aurantium


Anti-depressant/bacterial/spasmodic/septic. Relieves pain, colds, fever, flu, eczema, sore throat, flatulence, anxiety, and upset digestion. Helps relieve Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and uplifts the spirit. Elegant and fresh aroma. Anti-cancer properties; pro-appetite. She radiates love. Note: Citrus essences are photosensitive. Wear on the bottoms of the feet when exposed to the sun. Skin sensitive.


  • The benefits -Bergamot essential oil has a nice citrus scent and may already be an ingredient in the cosmetic products you use. It's also available as an essential oil to add to your collection. Research points to bergamot essential oil's ability to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, and increase positive mood

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