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The Science and Art of Living                                                  By Belindana
Get Back to Basics - Melding ancient techniques with today's science. 
If you have tried to achieve Health, Fitness and Wellness with varied success we welcome you to a new approach with a program tailored and specifically designed for you.  Your age, body type, your pre-existing conditions, genetic pre-disposition, personality and lifestyle. 
Every-body can be successful at achieving healthy goals with tailored practices and techniques that bring balance, health and well being to daily living.  
healing, strength and mobility
Golf Yoga.jpg
Functional awareness for swing and injuries
Holistic approach to Wellness
 Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and  herbal remedies to flourish and heal.  
Achieve health and vitality in your life with the tools to regain your bodies innate ability to heal  & fllourish.
Detoxification/Cleansing ~ Pain Management ~ Chronic age & genetic related disorders ~ Injury Prevention and Repair
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