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Natural remedy for natural issues

Nontoxic beeswax melts are created by hand for you with therapeutic grade essential oils.

Call for a consultation to discover the therapuetic grade essential oils that would benefit your personal needs for yourself, workspace, family space.




Find out why so many people LOVE the benefits of using BEESWAX MELTS instead of toxic candles that depletes the oxogen from your air and add to your toxic load.


BOTANICAL MELTS - 100% Beeswax

    • Beeswax produce the negative ions known to neutralize airborne pollutants to remove odors and mold.
    • 100% pure beeswax neutralize pollutants and improves mood.
    • Clean the air and invigorate the body.

    BENEFITS through therapeutic grade essential oil inhalation.

    A way to positively impact your mind and body is through the inhalation of therapeutical grade oils.  It has been established that inhaling the vapors and compounds of therapeutic grade oils has scientifically proven benefits.  

    When you smell a fragrance in the air you are taking in chemicals and compounds into your nose where there are millions of receptors for detecting scents.  Our nose is an influetial sesory organ that affects our health and consciousness.  Smells can be associated with positive memories and as they travel along the neurological pathway they stimulate neurotransmitters and transfer from the nose to the lungs and then into the bloodstream. 

    These compounds can alleviate stress, fear, anxiety as well as kill germs, viruses and bacteria.


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